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Your strategic agribusiness partner ®Agriculture (AGRIBUSINESS) is the new field of profitable investments all over the world. Central and Eastern Europe is one of the main fertile areas where investors and other agricultural stakeholders seed-in their future investments.Agriland Romania () tailored team of specialists and executives are here for you in order to achieve all your mid-way and long-term agribusiness objectives such as (and not only):o Agribusiness consultancy (agribusiness advice and guidance)o Building up the mission and vision of the agribusiness venture o Strategic professional services such as:o Agribusiness concept - designing, implementing, post-implementationo Building up the marketing strategyo Creative agribusiness solutions o Setting-up and implementing tailored working systems etco Operational agribusiness services such as:o Agricultural managemento Ag Marketing (sales, logistic, online marketing branding etc)o Tax and accounting services o Legal serviceso HR (recruiting, selection, head-hunting, boosting team of employees, training and/or long-term professional education tailored to the type of ag business). o Alliances, mergers and acquisitions. Creative partnerships. o Valuations on tangible assets and non-tangibles (know-how, brand etc)o Due diligence (agribusiness DD, accounting, legal environment impact etc)o Business reports/analysis on any agricultural industry / region / business farm etc o Building up added-value to the agribusiness venture (short-term and long-term) o CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)o PR (Public Relations)o Agricultural translations (English, French, Romanian)And if you have any other agribusiness requirements specific to your immediate or long-term needs we are more than pleased to join your efforts and build-up the added value to your agribusiness venture.Thank you for attention and looking forward to meet you soon. Your strategic agribusiness partner®Professional services delivered to you in Romania and CEE.


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Developer, Digger, Distributor, Exporter, Grower, Importer, Manufacturer, Trader, Webshop

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1. Tobacco Products: Raw Tobacco, Cigarettes, Smoking Paper


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