Soex Flavoured Handcrafted Tobacco




General Product Information:

These Handcrafted Cigarettes (Beedis) are manufactured with top quality Tobacco and then hand-rolled in carefully selected Natural TENDU Leaves to give you superior-quality and satisfying smoking effect Flavors : Raspberry, Chocolate, Lime-Lemon, Wild-Cherry, Menthol, Nutty Coffee, Vanilla, Strawberry, Aniseed, Black-Liquorice, Honey, Grapes, Natural and Clove Promotional Material: 1) 5 Posters and 5 Danglers in each master-carton 2) 1 Plastic-filter per inner-packet Packing Beedi-sticks per inner packet Total number of inner packets per outer Total outers per master-carton Total Beedi-sticks per master-carton Total Net Weight(In Kgs) 20 10 50 10,000 Kgs.


Industry:Tobacco Industry
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Type:Selling Offer

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