RYO Tobacco



RYO, Roll Your Own, RYO cigarette tobacco


30 days

General Product Information:

Godfrey Phillips India Ltd provides purity of taste which is preserved by specialized zip lock pouch packing and have the perfect product for the connoisseurs of smoking who prefer to make their cigarettes a premium roll your own tobacco.

Rolling your own by hand requires only cigarette papers, tobacco and a little skill. Most cigarette papers are made with folds, providing somewhere to place the tobacco, while the amount used is up to the individual. Once the tobacco is evenly-distributed along the length of the paper, the cigarette is ready to be carefully rolled and sealed.

Every pack of RYO is masterfully blended by master tobacconists who ensure precision in blend and quality. You can choose from our very popular international brand ‘Originals International’ and we can manufacture RYO for you – either from our existing bouquet of flavors or a combination customized specially for you as per the geographies or smoking preferences.


Delivery Time:30 days
Price:On request
Quantities:Min. 1 container load
Type:Selling Offer

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