Royal Lights


General Product Information:

Your wish was to have a completely original, first-class product and at the same time harmonized with the strict EU directives that regulate maximum content of tar to10 mg, nicotine 1 mg and CO 10 mg, wasnt it? Therefore, as a continuation of our Royal collection, we have designed Royal lights for you. This American-blend cigarette, supreme combination of selected tobaccos and smooth, refreshing and mellow flavor, has been developed as a result of our experts knowledge and a century-long tradition in making top quality cigarettes.We will continue to take a good care of quality and try to be national and regional leaders who offer you all our products in harmony with the worlds contemporary trends in tobacco industry. Let Royal lights be your choice to enjoy for 24 hours a day.Type: American blend lightsLength: King sizeTobacco rod length: 64 mmFilter length: 20 mmFilter type: monoacetateDiameter: 7,9 mmNicotine: 0,6 mgTar: 7 mgCO: 9 mgPacking: HL pack


Country:Bosnia and Herzegovina
Industry:Tobacco Industry
Delivery Time:0000-00-00
Type:Selling Offer

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