Royal Blue




General Product Information:

Wishing to partly contribute to your daily pleasure, we have applied our hundred-year-old knowledge and experience and created a first-class product, cigarette Royal blue only for you. This American blend consists of carefully selected top-quality tobaccos which, in combination with pleasant and distinct aroma, make this cigarette a prime product of pleasant taste offering the most pleasing, unique smoking experience . Royal blue brand is more than a common product because it is based on an exquisite free living concept founded by conceptual artist Flavio de Salvatore, who gave us his unselfish support in creation of this brand. Let Royal blue become your choice and you will enjoy 24-hour smoking delight. Tobacco blend type: American blend lights Cigarette length: 84 mm Tobacco rod length: 64 mm Filter length: 20 mm Filter type: mono-acetate Cigarette diameter: 7,9 mm Nicotine content: 0,7 mg Tar content: 8 mg CO content: 10 mg Pack type: HL packs


Country:Bosnia and Herzegovina
Industry:Tobacco Industry
Delivery Time:0000-00-00
Type:Selling Offer

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