Drina Super Lights


General Product Information:

When FDS introduced DRINA super lights in its assortment in 2000, the range of products within the DRINA family was completed. Due to the low content of nicotine and tar, this cigarette corresponds to the low tar cigarettes class. It is composed of the top quality tobacco blend which, together with carefully selected aromas, make this cigarette a first-class product accepted by a wide group of consumers. It is characterized by mildness, balanced and rounded taste and very pleasant scent of a typical American blend style. Tobacco blend type: American blend Cigarettes lenght: 84 mm Tobacco lenght: 57 mm Filter tip lenght: 27 mm Diameter: 7,9 mm Nicotine content: 0,4 mg Tar content: 4 mg Packaging: HL packs


Country:Bosnia and Herzegovina
Industry:Tobacco Industry
Delivery Time:0000-00-00
Type:Selling Offer

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