Djarum La Lights Mild 16


General Product Information:

Djarum LA Lights Mild 16Made of triple-blended cloves and tobacco, Djarum L.A. Lights delivers a refreshingly smooth, light taste. L.A. Lights is a low tar low nicotine, machine-rolled kretek cigarette popular with the young and modern. Its smooth and satisfying taste comes from the patented Triple Blended(TM) manufacturing process, in which finely ground tobacco and cloves are mixed three times to yield its unique flavor.Introduced in 1996 with sleek, stylish, predominantly pearly-white packaging, the slim, clean lines of the cigarette sticks underscore the L.A. Lights image of effortless living. A kretek for the new * 25 Mg Tar and 1.6 Mg Nicotine, give you feel the real Indonesian nature.1 carton contains 10 packs. 1 pack contains 16 cigarettes.


Industry:Tobacco Industry
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